Friday, September 7, 2018

Remembrance of comics past

[Zippy, September 7, 2018.]

Ipswich Nordisk, race-car driver, comes to a realization. I can think of three explanations: 1. Ipswich doesn’t like the Olivia Jaimes version of Nancy. 2. He doesn’t realize that Ernie Bushmiller died in 1982. 3. He longs for what no longer is. No. 3 makes the best sense, in the Zippy world or in ours.

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The Crow said...

Yes, I get that, as recently as your post about President Obama speaking at the university in Illinois. Filled me with nostalgia and longing for another Obama White House (which I believe would be better than his first terms). I even had to check with my daughter to see if I were remembering correctly that he could be elected again, having taken this enforced leave of absence.

(I mean I know that he could run, but the current political craziness in DC and the rest of the nation had me momentarily doubting my memory. Kareema turned somber and said she didn't think he would make it to the swearing in ceremony. Sigh. Of course, she might have been thinking that First Lady Michelle might put her foot down and say "Oh, no you don't!")

Michael Leddy said...

He can’t run again (22nd Amendment). But it will be good to see him bringing coherence and truth to public discourse.

The Crow said...

Time for me to return to an American Government class!

Maybe, as you suggest, he can serve better outside the White House, as a senior statesman. Just so long as he continues to speak out. We need his rational voice, guiding us back to critical thinking, to the national values we held and espoused and served to protect.

Or, do I have my facts wrong again? I hope not.

Michael Leddy said...

I think you have it right. And I hope everyone speaks out, or up.