Tuesday, September 4, 2018


[Hi and Lois, September 4, 2018.]

I am always happy to see signage in the Flagstons’ world moving in the right direction, or in the left-to-right direction. REAL ESTATE sure beats ETATSE LAER, ECNARUSNI, and KCIUQ TRAM. And in Beetle Bailey’s world, NUB N’ NUR.

There is though something in today’s strip that needs fixing — in addition to the cost of housing. The colorist must have run out of paint when nearing the end of the job. Here, I have a can and a small brush.

[Hi and Lois corrected, September 4, 2018.]

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joecab said...

Did you also notice that the strip is not really "drawn" much anymore? they have a stock of heads, mouths, and body parts on the computer that they just put in with cut and paste. I don't like it, but then the comic strip industry ain't what it used to be.

Michael Leddy said...

I’ve seen figures that look as if they’ve been flipped, but the strip’s artist would say “Not so.”