Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pluto in the news

Pluto is back: “Pluto is most definitely a planet — and should never have been downgraded, say some scientists” (CNN). Or as Clare and the Reasons sang, “Chin up, Pluto.”

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[When it comes to Pluto, I am a total third-grader.]

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Berit said...

I'm also a Pluto Fan! As a Scorpio, that's reason enough for me to have it keep planet status. We demand a planet like the rest of the populace! ;D

Michael Leddy said...

A planet for the rest of us!

Frex said...


Frex said...

P.S. Pluto as a planet took its place in my mind at the same time as the Brontosaurus, and they refuse to budge.

Michael Leddy said...

No backing down! :)