Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Our favorite granddaughter is eleven months old today. She enjoys pulling tissues from the box (magic!) and polishing things with wipes (floors, toys). She digs music and wants to see that everyone else digs it too. She likes French toast. And she’s one-handed walking. She is on her way to toddlerdom. Yay, Talia!

[Sorry, no photo. We all began to feel skittish about posting photos for all the Internets to see.]

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Berit said...

Oh, no! I was enjoying the Talia Cuteness! But the internets cannot very well give us literally everything! I will rely upon your report from the front lines of photo-viewing and say "Go, Talia!" and "Good For You, Talia Family!"

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for understanding. :)

Frex said...

Word portraits!
"one-handed walking"

I think you're wise to limit online exposure. As Mr Rogers said,
"Please think of the children first."