Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The obvious

Amy Davidson Sorkin, writing in The New Yorker about “Liberals and Sexual Harassment”:

When Clinton ran for President in 2016, she may not have gauged how profoundly Bill Clinton’s record with women would hurt her.
Ya think? And:
As hard as it is to hear, particularly given the historic nature of Clinton’s candidacy and her laudable record on everything from climate change to children’s health, her nomination compromised the Democratic Party.
Ya think? And:
There were other choices, early on; perhaps one of the fourteen Democratic women in the Senate in 2015 might have emerged.
“Might have emerged” — if what?

There was another choice later on as well, but in Davidson Sorkin’s telling, there is no Bernie Sanders.

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Fresca said...

Jeez, kinda threadbare thinking, eh?

Michael Leddy said...

Infuriatingly so, I’d say, given the venue.