Friday, November 3, 2017

Pages ’09 spelling window fixed

[The spelling window, as seen with Sierra and High Sierra.]

I am amazed to see that the spelling and grammar window for Pages ’09, broken with macOS Sierra, works properly with macOS High Sierra. A welcome fix, as Pages ’09 (version 4.3) remains a better app than the newer Pages (version 6.3). There’s been no update to Pages ’09, so the fix must lie somewhere in the operating system’s management of windows.

In other news, High Sierra appears to have done away with the shadows that have long accompanied screenshots of Mac windows. I took a picture of the screen, not the spelling window, to match the shadow of my Sierra screenshot.

Honered is, of course, a Donald Trump misspelling. And Pages really is suggesting hone-red as a correction. There’s the danger of choosing whatever is at the top of a spellcheck list: the Cupertino effect.


A later discovery: a screenshot of a window made by using Shift-Command-4, followed by the Space bar, adds shadows. But Mac’s Grab tool take screenshots of windows without shadows. Go figure.

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