Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hi and Lois watch

[Hi and Lois, November 5, 2017.]

Today’s Peter Max-like display of color is a marked improvement over October’s brown and green. Dig the blue and lilac tree trunks.

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Unknown said...

Hi Michael,
Thanks for viewing the strip. I enjoyed coloring that one as well.
Not sure if you've noticed but I am allowed to sign my name to the
strip now. Quite and honor after 25 years of being a ghost!

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for stopping by again, Eric. I had no idea that you’ve been drawing Hi and Lois for so long. It’s a venerable strip indeed, and an honor to the artist to sign the work.

Please let me know if you have any information about Lois and last year’s Women’s March. I’m thinking about the recent “pink protest hat” strip. :)