Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jon Stewart plays president

“Super-long tie, dead animal on head”: Jon Stewart visits The Late Show.

[As every tie-tier should know, “the tip of the tie should end in the middle of the belt buckle or waistband.”]

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zzi said...

James Bond wears it tucked in his trousers. (Sean Connery)

Slywy said...

Not in this photo, however.

The whole post is interesting. I found way more than I'd have expected here and in another blog about Bond's suits and ties.

Michael Leddy said...

Here’s Connery as Bond with a tie tucked in. I would like to think that if he tucks a tie, the front and back are still better balanced than they are on Trump’s ties. By the way, there’s a website about Bond’s suits: The Suits of James Bond.

And now I have a vague memory of kids in elementary school tucking their ties. In the absence of a tie clip?

Slywy said...

He has a clip on that photo with it tucked in. In the photo I found it wasn't tucked in. Draw.

My theory is that the long tie is like the combover. It's an attempt to disguise a swollen belly. Not well, however.

Michael Leddy said...

That wouldn’t surprise me.

If the photograph accompanying this article is any indication, I expect that he’ll be looking worse and worse. His hairdo looks especially bad here — you can see the pale skin that’d be covered if his hair had been styled to its usual magnificence.