Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gaslighting, moonlighting

It looks like our president is moonlighting. A genuine Lifehacker headline:

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The Crow said...

Did you read the article, or what was posted of it, anyway? I clicked on his link showing three bears, which led to an article on finding the right level of challenge to keep you motivated to reach your goals, which led to a link for a free download of an essay on his motivational insights. I was interested to read what he had to say, since I'm going through a period of serious lack of motivation. What he'd written in the Three Bears essay made sense to me, so - despite the growing nay-saying of my usually cautious mind - I entered my email address to receive the download.

It turned out to be an ad for a book he'd written and was going to sell to me at a discount because I'd given him my email for the free download.

Awful lot of bamboozlers in the world, setting hooks for even more gullible fish such as I seem to be today.

Beware the three bears, or wear your anti-bamboozler armor if you trek in those woods.

Michael Leddy said...

Martha, this is the one that the headline goes with: “Why You Need an Imaginary Scapegoat.” The box with the Goldilocks rule is just Lifehacker’s way of sticking more content in front of us (in, I think, misleading ways) to increase clicks and page views. (Imagine how many people have clicked on that one first.) I have to admit: I didn’t even look at the Goldilocks rule, or at the Harvard Business Review piece. The headline appalled me into not going much further.