Friday, February 17, 2017

Dowdy-world brands

The Dry Look. Jean Naté. Sea and Ski. In The New York Times, Wendy MacLeod writes about “Name Brand Nostalgia.”

I’ll add three: Bromo-Seltzer. Hai Karate. Stridex.

David Owens’s “The Dime Store Floor,” about the smells of childhood, is worth mentioning here. Listerine. Mentholatum. Old Spice.

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Pete said...

I'll always associate Listerine and Old Spice with my dad. And Efferdent.

The Crow said...

Bon-Ami (Hasn't Scratched Yet). Pepso-Dent (You'll Wonder Where the Yellow Went!). Syrup of Black Draught. Tichener's Mouthwash and Gargle (which my Aunt Elnora drank from a flask - stuff was 80-proof!). Stimu-dent. Mentholatum Ointment (the original, in a square green can; gave tender skin a chemical burn...speaking from experience.) Johnson's Ichthammol Ointment (drawing salve, also called black salve).