Friday, September 2, 2016

Something phishy

Hillary Clinton’s e-mail reply to a message purporting to be from the personal account of a State Department official, a message that contained what the FBI calls “a potentially malicious link”:

Is this really from you? I was worried about opening it!
What do you when you get such a message? You delete it. You do not reply. Unfuckingbelievable.

Yes, that word goes after the un- . It’s an instance of what’s called expletive infixation and an exception to the more usual practice of placing the word before a stressed syllable. The word unfuckingbelievable is also an expression of my deep and unerasable misgivings about voting for Hillary Clinton.

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Anonymous said...

Four notable and possible candidates running, with some minor additional parties in some states. As best I take it after having voted for Sanders in the primary, the alternatives of the moment are: 1) Clinton, a military-industrial complex supporter and actually a neo-con playing as a neo-lib, 2) Trump, of bombast and much as yet unknown but somewhat likely to withdraw troops/drones/fighters from some conflicts, 3) Johnson, a real Republican posing as a libertarian who would likely be prone to heed the military-industrial complex like Clinton, only perhaps less so, and 4) Stein, an attractive candidate who will likely get my vote. Given that warfare and armaments sales had been a "priority" in the State Department under Clinton and regime change was always bandied about as US foreign policy, the last on my list would be her. That's because last on my list is war.

Consider that WWII lasted about four-six years, depending on how one does the math and sets the dates. Vietnam was circa 15 years, also depending on whose dates of entry and exit, with Nixon overseeing the exit. The Korea "conflict" is still legally ongoing. And the "war on terror" of now fifteen years running is a consistent game from Bush II through Obama and likely Clinton in the future if she is elected, in which the US has attacked and continues to attack not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, the Sudan, Somalia and others.

Unfuckingbelievable is an excellent summation of today's raging US military dressed up and ready to have a blast in too many arenas.

Thanks for 'expletive infixation,' a term I have not come across before though my old drill sergeant during the Vietnam era -- I hate war and wars and more wars -- used to perfection in other variants. Imagine....

Michael Leddy said...

I agree with you: Clinton is likely to bring the country into further conflict.

I wrote a short post explaining why I decided (last month) that I had to vote for her. But I’m still not sure that I can. One thing I know is that I won’t be early-voting in this election.

Michael Leddy said...

I was on the go before and want to add: thanks for such a thoughtful comment. And about your service: much respect.