Friday, November 6, 2015

Mystery actor


He’s a fancy man here. But anyone of a certain age who spent childhood in front of a warm television should find him instantly recognizable. Make your guess in the form of a comment. No using the Google!


4:33 p.m.: What I find difficult other people often find easy. And the other way around. (See the question marks below.) I thought that this mystery actor would be an easy call, but apparently not. He is Robert Shayne, who would go on to play Inspector William “Bill” Henderson in the television series Adventures of Superman (known to mortal children as Superman ). In Nobody Lives Forever (dir. Jean Negulesco, 1946), Shayne plays nightclub owner Chet King.

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The Crow said...

Walt? Mickey's papa? If so, long before the Mickey Mouse Club.

Michael Leddy said...

Not Walt (I didn’t even pick up on the resemblance). Here’s a hint: on TV, he was on the side of the law.

The Crow said...

I thought he might be Ray Collins (Lt. Tragg, from Perry Mason) but his hairline and nose are not like Collins' - I cheated, looked up Ray Collins.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, the mouth is similar. But this guy is more dashing. I think you’ve made Ray Collins’s ghost very happy. :)