Saturday, November 7, 2015

The rest is noise

For more than a month, Mark Trail has been pursued by bad guys. For nearly a month, they have been firing at him and his pal Mississippi Ken. The bad guys should be running out of ammo any week now.

[Mark Trail, October 14, 2015. Click on any image for a larger view.]

[October 16, 2015.]

[October 22, 2015.]

[November 3, 2015.]

[November 4, 2015.]

[November 7, 2015.]

Whatr’s happened: Mark has discovered missing radioactive material in the Gulf of Mexico. Does he call the EPA? Or the Department of Homeland Security? No. He decides to “investigate”: after all, there’s a great magazine story in it. Now pursued by those with their own claim to the material, does he think to radio for help or use a cellphone? No, he and Ken have chosen to take their stand on a little island.

James Allen’s storyline requires not just the suspension of disbelief: it requires that disbelief then be dropped into a burning cauldron to meet a fiery end. Brattattatat. Kerplunk. Aiieee.


But wait. There’s more:

[November 9, 2015.]

Is James Allen channeling another James — Joyce? Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronn-
awnskawntoohoohoordenenthur — nuk!

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Fresca said...

*gnashes teeth*

Michael Leddy said...

What would be the sound for that?

Sara said...

Where's the bear? Isn't there usually a bear?

Michael Leddy said...

There have been bears. There will be bears again. Here the enemies seem to be guys. So far. Maybe they’ll all be pursued by bears and bond.

Fresca said...

I can't think of a clever answer---just,