Thursday, November 19, 2015

College prez likens college prez to star infielder, English prof to minor leaguer

I heard about it but had to read it to believe it. Scott Scarborough, president of the University of Akron (rebranded “Ohio’s Polytechnic University”), explaining the disparity between administrative and faculty salaries:

“It”s hard to explain why a president might make eight times as much as an English-faculty professor in the same way it’s hard to explain why a power-hitting third basemen makes more than someone playing for the RubberDucks. They’re both playing the same sport. They’re both playing the same position. And yet one makes a thousand times more.”
Aside from the insult, this analogy is remarkably faulty. Administrators and faculty don’t do the same work. And there is no reason to assume that an administrator as such is a stellar performer or that a faculty member as such is strictly minor league. The RubberDucks, as you might know, are Akron’s minor-league team, so Scarborough is insulting not just faculty but the hometown team as well.

The University of Akron appears to be a school in crisis. It’s never a good sign when a school’s president becomes the object of mockery in an online game.

The Adjunct Project reports that Akron pays its adjunct faculty $800 to $4,000 per course. Scott Scarborough’s starting salary: $450,000.


June 1, 2016: The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Scott Scarborough has resigned.

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Frex said...

Geez. That pay is so upside down and backwards.
As they say, "I don't even..."

Elaine said...

Just wow. I have actually been at the University of Akron, thanks to the regional science fair......and it's impressive. But that was just the infrastructure.
The attitudes, salaries, and egos, are much larger.
How disappointing. and shocking.
I don't even know what to think, much less what to say.
Sophistry lives!