Friday, October 30, 2015

Eve’s Eve

[The dreaded Halloween Pumpkin Eater. Art by James Leddy. No date.]

It is All Hallows’ Eve’s Eve, at least by my reckoning. Our town’s three used-book stores will be giving out children’s books tomorrow. A greathearted gesture, that. Our household has assembled reserves of Hershey Miniatures, Heath Miniatures, and Dixon Ticonderogas — which, like books, should outlast all candy.

The illustration above is from a card by my dad, one of many through the years. It loses something in the scanning: the Eater is made of electrical tape. He is both scary and shiny.

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Daughter Number Three said...

Your dad was sure a talented man. I love the Calder-cat!

Michael Leddy said...

It is Calder-like, isn’t it? I never caught that.