Friday, October 23, 2015

“Rubber soles and heels while you wait”

[Henry, October 23, 2015.]

It’s a wise shoe repairman who opens early enough to catch the going-to-school crowd.

Henry last visited a shoe repairman, in a different shop, in August 2012. That must have been a getting-ready-for-the-school-year visit. This time around we don’t get to see Henry entering a “shoe booth.” But I don’t feel cheated: the S of Shoe , the upward-curling Repair , and the sign in the window make up for the booth’s absence.

Google returns just one result for “rubber soles and heels while you wait.” Now there will be two:

[Auckland Star , May 6, 1916. “Not out”? It’s a cricket term. Meaning “not retired, still working”?]

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[I am tempted to write shoe repairer, but repairman fits the Henry world.]

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Frex said...

"Steady and Strong, Marching Along" makes me smile.

My Sicilian grandfather was a cobbler---I always thought it was cool but know nothing about it. This reminds me, I should ask my auntie more about his work.

Michael Leddy said...

Wow. I wonder if he had “shoe booths” (aka “modesty booths”).

The Arthurian said...

"Google returns just one result... Now there will be two"

I love it when that happens.

Fresca said...

I will ask my auntie about shoe booths to protect the modesty of the foot.

Michael Leddy said...

Arthurian, that’s a remarkable string of words.

Fresca, I’d love to read about the shoe-repair trade.