Thursday, October 15, 2015

Defending Brooklyn

“We particularly resent the picturization of a Brooklynite as a dumbbell and a fellow who says dese , dem , and dose ”: from WYNC, a 1948 interview with Sidney H. Ascher, president of the Society to Prevent Disparaging Remarks about Brooklyn. Scroll down for the original broadcast.

YouTube has a soundless version of Brooklyn, U.S.A. , the 1947 film mentioned in the interview. Mr. Ascher appears therein. A 1999 newspaper article and an Amazon page for Sid Ascher’s World of Trivia and More! have more on his life (and, I suspect, legend).

I’m happy to be from “the garden spot of the world, Brooklyn, U.S.A.” Extra credit if you know which Brooklyn resident called the borough that.

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Frex said...

Hey! Detective Dave Starsky is from Brooklyn too! (You knew?)

Michael Leddy said...

No, I didn’t!

Frex said...

I guess he's a decade or so older than you, so you missed him... :)

Michael Leddy said...

I’m closer in age to Lovebug Starski, though he’s from the Bronx.