Monday, January 5, 2015

“You should give up now”

[Mark Trail, January 5, 2015.]

Cherry Trail’s faith in her husband Mark is indefatigable.¹ Mark and Cherry have been fishing on the boat Swan with Justin Holland, owner of Riverway Chemical. Mark has fallen into the water after being punched by a pony-tailed henchman of the evil Mitchum.² Mitchum is Holland’s partner in Riverway Chemical. Mitchum and two henchmen have seized the Swan, planning to “destroy” the boat, killing Holland and the Trails, whose deaths would then be blamed on an “eco-terrorist.”³ Mitchum has been courteous enough to explain everything while on board.

After falling into the water, Mark swims to shore to “get help.” But — dang it — he loses his phone in the water. Which raises two questions: 1. How could Mark’s phone work after being submerged in water? 2. If it can so work, why must Mark swim to shore before calling? Why not float and dial?

Oh, and 3. Why didn’t Mark try to climb back on board to save his wife?

Today’s strip ends with Cherry giving Mitchum a powerful slap. But I like this first panel better. It is the prelude to a slap. I think of it as a matter of Mrs. Trail breaking the fourth wall and speaking to all those who are reading her strip for the laughs.

¹ Though no one in the strip would use that word.

² It’s just “Mitchum.” [Insert anti-perspirant joke here.]

² Don’t ask.

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The Crow said...

Sounds like Mitchum is a real stinker.

Slywy said...

I can't believe the heartthrob of my childhood Sundays (behind Prince Valiant) has a mobile phone. Too modern for me. (Also am not sure I remember eco-terrorists.)