Monday, January 5, 2015

Liverwurst: “For health, for strength — for eating fun”

[Life, May 20, 1940. Click for a larger view and the details of that recipe.]

The key word, here as elsewhere, is fun:

Kids love and need this healthful treat;
    Kids should have lots of it to eat.
Serve Liver Sausage to each one
    For health, for strength — for eating fun.
And: “It’s all food, and a smile wide.”

Furthermore: “You eat for health — and have fun too.”

In conclusion, liverwurst is fun. Get thee to the meat man.

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Fresca said...

I know! Liverwurst and... SPAM!

Michael Leddy said...

No one expects liverwurst and SPAM!

The Crow said...

The only fun thing I remember about the liverwurst of my favorite childhood memories was the white casing, the solid fatty stuff we used to slurp up as if it were a worm. Totally grossed out my mother and youngest brother.

Yeah, that was fun! The wurst was delicious. (I actually hit the deli counter last evening and found almost everything I mentioned on your first liverwurst post. Had to make do with a dark, very foamy root beer, though.)

Regarding SPAM!: I was reading the label on the can one morning (we had SPAM! as a ham substitute at breakfast) and asked my dad, a pig farmer at times, what they meant by select cuts of pork.

"The stuff left over from the trimming of ham, pork butts and shoulders, pigs' feet, snouts and such. The rest you don't want to know."

I wished I hadn't asked. It was the pork butt that got to me, not knowing what it was, exactly.

Chris said...

"See your meat man for that good liver sausage — and see him soon!" Makes you wonder what those mid-century housewives were up to!

Michael Leddy said...

Martha, I sometimes think “meat and meat by-products,” as they say in pet-food commercials. With liverwurst, the less I know, the better.

Chris, as a lover of blues, I thought the same thought.

And Fresca, I should’ve said that nobody expects liverwurst and Spam.

Zhoen said...

Underwood Liverwurst spread, feature of my childhood. I suppose I liked it, more or less. My mother did believe liver was a health-food. Not fresh vegetables, just liver.