Saturday, January 31, 2015


[In a coffeeshop. Two young adults talking.]

“Have you listened to the whole album?”


[Not long after.]

“I can’t wait for their second album.”

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[There’s hope, at least if they’re paying for the albums.]

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Slywy said...

Here's an overheard conversation (several years ago) from Nobel Prize land:

Boy 1: I heard that he was, like, dating an English Ph.D. for a long time.

Boy 2: A woman?

Boy 1: Yeah.

Boy 2: No! He’s gotta be, like, bi.

Boy 1: Yeah. I’d do him.

Boy 2: Yeah. Really? But he’s got a little bald spot . . .

Boy 1: Yeah. He’s such a dork. It’d be so much fun.

Michael Leddy said...

J. Alfred Prufrock?