Monday, January 26, 2015

White stuff

Bread, milk, and snow: Why blizzards make us go crazy for milk and bread (The Washington Post).

It’s snowing in east-central Illinois, but it’s nothing like what the northeastern states will get. Stay safe, northeastern states. Get the bread and milk.

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[Please notice that the white stuff in this post is not snow alone.]

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The Crow said...

Don't forget the toilet paper, the third leg of the triumvirate around here.

Michael Leddy said...

Also white!

Michael Leddy said...

P.S.: Stay safe in the storm.

The Crow said...

We didn't have much of anything in my area, Michael. Folks were telling each other, in hushed, worried voices, "We might get as much as four inches!" I reminded them that four inches of snow wouldn't clear the tops of their shoes when they stepped in it - as long as they weren't wearing flip-flops.

Still, the panicky grocery-store-stampedes went on as if we were slated for four feet of the stuff. Can't fault them for that, really, though. I hit the store myself: was out of soup-making ingredients. When bad weather is forecast, I comfort myself by making a pot of soup.

I told my sister about the panic that sets in up here when storms are forecast; about the three items almost everyone grabs. She said the same panic hits the Gulf Coast states, too, but in addition to BMTP, people grab hot dogs/sausages and booze.

Any excuse for a cook-out, I guess. :)

Michael Leddy said...

Martha, I’m glad you had soup. Elaine made split pea and ham, which took us through our storm-watching from afar.

In my Ny/NJ/Boston life, I never heard of toilet paper as an item to stockpile, only bread and milk. I always thought of them as necessary not for fear of being stuck in the house but because the delivery trucks might not get to the supermarket.

Anonymous said...

Michael Leddy said...

The breadman cometh!