Friday, January 9, 2015

A film trailer in a dream

I dreamed it last night: a trailer for a film about the poet Frank O’Hara. The title: A Controversial Thing in the Past. The trailer showed nothing but yellow taxis, shot from below. “Please not with James Franco,” I thought.

The obvious influences: the “the hum-colored / cabs” of O’Hara’s “A Step Away from Them,” the circumstances of his death, the 2010 movie Howl.

I wondered about a source for the title, but Google returns nothing for “a controversial thing in the past .”

There is a short film of Frank O’Hara independent of this dream.

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[This post is a brief step away from current events.]

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Slywy said...

Name of your novel?

I had a dream about drowning-yet-not-drowning in the "cold Sargasso Sea." I swear that at the time I had never heard of the Sargasso Sea or of the Jean Rhys novel.

Michael Leddy said...

Nope, no novel in me.

That’s uncanny about the sea. Maybe you had seen the Pound poem ?