Thursday, January 22, 2015

On subscription prices

If you plan to renew (or, I suppose, begin) a magazine subscription, it may be smart to do business over the phone. You may come out with a price significantly lower than those found in magazine inserts and mailed reminders. I speak from experience: anecdotal experience.

That concludes my advice for the day. YAEMV.

[Your anecdotal experience may vary.]

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Chris said...

Especially since many of those mailed "reminders" are actually fraudulent solicitations by third parties. That scam never seems to go out of style.

Michael Leddy said...

I think the reminders in the mail were genuine. But one number on what appears to be a genuine subscriber-services page leads to an endless loop of gift-card and vacation offers. Very fishy.

Elaine said...

You mean 'PHishy.'

Michael Leddy said...

Yes. And sketchy. But even legitimate offers from a magazine may name different prices.