Monday, January 19, 2015


[Edward Biberman (1904–1986), I Had a Dream, c. 1968. Oil on Masonite. 24" x 30". Los Angeles County Museum of Art.]

I saw this painting at LACMA last summer. It is not currently on display.

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The Crow said...

I always wonder on his birthday commemoration what he would have gone on to do had he lived.

Maybe he would have become our first African-American president. Maybe the ERA would have passed into law. Maybe we would not have become bogged down in the myriad conflicts we've been dragged into.

Maybe he would have seen the glorious fulfillment of his dream. Perhaps he, with his wife Coretta, would have inspired and encouraged thousands of us to take up the torch of freedom, justice and equality and we would have made this a better world.

Maybe. But such ponderings are moot.

Michael Leddy said...

Martha, I found a column that imagines just what you suggest: King as president. It’s wonderful to think it might have been possible.

The Crow said...

That was a great article, Michael. Oh, if only...