Friday, June 14, 2013

Juvenile delinquents

[Click for larger, more menacing views.]

As a kid in Brooklyn, I believed, as did my peers, that there was something called a “J. D. card,” certifying you as a juvenile delinquent. You were supposed to carry the card with you — in an I. D. wallet, no doubt. It was rumored that a cigarette-smoking teenager on the block carried a J. D. card. Was there ever such a thing? I’m still not sure.

These lineups appear in the Route 66 episode “. . . And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon ” (December 15, 1961). The second delinquent from the left in the second photograph made his screen debut in this episode. He was the mystery guest in yesterday’s Route 66 post.

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[Does anyone else remember plastic I. D. wallets?]

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