Wednesday, June 26, 2013

E-mail widget betterment

A reader suggested adding a widget to allow for e-mail subscriptions. So I’ve added one to the sidebar. But I couldn’t resist tinkering with Google’s prose. Before and after:


12:33 p.m.: Blogger’s e-mail widget looks like this in iOS:

I thought that deleting the word here might allow me to shrink the text box and fix Subm-it. No luc-k. So I’ve changed Subm-it to Go. Little details like this one remind me how little interest Google seems to have in the iOS-user experience. For a while it was impossible to edit Blogger drafts in iOS.


4:22 p.m.: Lo: it is possible to offer an e-mail subscription without Blogger’s semi-ugly widget. The correct link is all that’s needed. The sidebar now offers the feed and e-mail by using nothing but the English language (and HTML).

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