Friday, June 28, 2013

Feedly v. Feedly

The same post: top, Feedly in the Chrome browser; bottom, the Feedly app for iOS. The app shows the image correctly (it’s meant to suggest a drop-capital), but Feedly in the browser gets it wrong. Feedly, what’s up with that?

As I’m reminded every time I look at my posts, Feedly takes too many liberties with images. Images get relocated and resized, and when a post merely links to a YouTube clip, Feedly adds an image from that clip to its Magazine and Card Views:

[The post Jazz on Route 66 has eleven images. But it also has a link to a YouTube clip, and it’s an image from that clip that Feedly uses.]

And as I just discovered, Feedly in the browser loses images too, as it did when handling this post. The iOS app again gets it right:

My e-mails to Feedly about its image problems (which I first noticed earlier this month) have had no replies. I’m puzzled as to why I seem to be the only person on the Internets who thinks that these problems are worth writing about.


June 29: Feedly dropped the second image from today’s post too.

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Cassidy Napoli said...

For what it's worth, I'm also bothered by the way Feedly (on the web) handles images. Tumblr image-sets show up in a two-column right-to-left reading format, like manga, and unlike their original single-column format. Images from some feeds, like those of instantwatcher, get dropped altogether.

Matt Thomas said...

And here’s what that post looks like in NetNewsWire 4.

Michael Leddy said...

Cassidy, I hope you let Feedly know your thoughts. I’ve left another message on their support page, but no reply.

Matt, it looks great. But I need to read from a number of machines. If it develops syncing and an iOS app, it might be what I need. I’m also planning to look at Feed Wrangler. My big problem: I have little interest in doing the necessary exploration, because Google Reader suits me fine. :)

steven pierce said...

another clean example that we take what is shoved down our throats. to be fair, i'm tolerant as well as bugged by the image issues because they seem to be doing well on everything else. thanks for confirming my suspicion re: image issues.