Wednesday, June 12, 2013

“Turn to Tea Today for Vitality”

[Life, November 15, 1937. Click for a larger, more vital view.]

Mrs. Martin Johnson and Captain Bob Bartlett agree: the Consonant of the Day is t. This advertisement will repay careful study. Read it and drink, in big city, dense jungle, or Arctic, as you choose.

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[I’d never heard of Martin and Osa Johnson or Robert Bartlett until I read this ad. How about you?]

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Geo-B said...

Martin and Osa Johnson, National Geographic filmmakers who ventured into "darkest Africa," were some of my wife's childhood heroes, having read Osa's autobiography, I Married Adventure. And in Osa's hometown of Chanute, Kansas, you can visit the Osa and Martin Johnson Safari Museum. Osa and Martin Johnson are featured in one of my favorite poems, Elisabeth Bishop's "The Waiting Room." And one of the clothing stores for young people, like Abercrombie and Fitch, had a series of Martin and Osa stores, as recently as 5 years ago, which featured safari photographs.

Michael Leddy said...

I’ll have to look at “The Waiting Room” again. Thanks, George.

Elaine said...

I read that autobio in HS--it had a zebra print fabric cover--and loved it! That was a gimme. The book is a terrific read. I was in 8th _Gods, Graves, and Scholars_ and _Kon-Tiki_.... who knew I would grow up so tame? LOL