Monday, June 3, 2013

Feedly it is

Time is running out for Google Reader: the service ends on July 1. I have been waiting and watching, looking for evidence of some clear consensus about what to use instead. The choice seems to be Feedly. Seems to be Feedly: this is the impression I get from my online reading. I just took the plunge, and so far the water is fine.

Here’s a recent David Pogue column about Google Reader and Feedly. It played no part in my decision: I found it only after making the switch. LOL.

Reader, if you use Google Reader, what switch are you making?


11:44 p.m.: Feedly it ain’t. More tomorrow.


June 4: Here’s a reconsideration: Feedly it ain’t.

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Anonymous said...

I use feedly. I like google reader more but on well.

With feedly you can turn on "list" mode to make it very similar to the google reader feel.

Matt Thomas said...

I’ve always used a dedicated RSS reader app. First NetNewsWire, and more recently Vienna. Never could stand Google Reader, or web apps in general for this sort of thing, really.

Michael Leddy said...

I’m already having second thoughts about Feedly — it seems to take many liberties with the placement of images (leading to formatting disasters). I’ve never heard of Vienna, but I’m going to look into it.

Andrew Hickey said...

I've used for about eight months without problems. It was designed to replicate Google Reader's old functionality (including sharing and comments) as precisely as possible, and other than the fact that you need either a Google or Facebook ID to log in (I prefer using separate IDs for separate services) it's nigh-on perfect.

victord66 said...

I used Feedly for a while, but you can't back up or export feeds which is necessary. Looks like they are not going to implement it any time soon, so I've switched to Netvibes which is an even better alternative to Google.

Matthew Schmeer said...

I'm using Feedly, but I don't like several things:

1) It requires an extension in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This means I can't check my feeds on "locked down" computers, like a library or a computer classroom.

2) No export.

3)Sloooooowww on older machines.

I've tried theoldreader, but found it slow, too.

I guess I'm going to try using a combination of Vienna & Dropbox so I can check my feeds home or work. I don't do smartphones or tablets as the temptation to be driven to distraction is just too great.

Pete said...

I've been running Feedly for about two months, but a couple of things annoy me: first, it can't be used with Explorer (which is, of course, the mandatory browser I have at work), and it won't let you open a link into an external browser (if you click through on a link, it keeps you inside Feedly) which means you can't have multiple browser windows open for future viewing. Plus I wonder if Feedly will really be independent of Reader by July 1st, or if all my RSS feeds will just be vaporized.

Anonymous said...

I've been using newsblur - it does cost for the premium, but I've been very happy with it as a replacement, and I LOVED google reader.