Saturday, June 15, 2013


[“Taken for Granite,” Zippy, June 15, 2013.]

The Oracle at Dingburg.

There appear to be any number of frog-rocks available for consultation. Here’s a page for one in Connecticut. Bill Griffith, Zippy’s creator, lives there. (In Connecticut, not at the rock.)

I would like to ask the frog-rock-thing why I am consistently typing forg for frog.

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Elaine Fine said...

It's because the f and the r are close to one another, and you type them with the same hand (and with the same finger--even if you "hunt and peck").

Please don't put me in the back yard and paint me green.

Michael Leddy said...

But you give such good answers.

Elaine said...

Because you are just so creative! I think 'forg' should be a new word...

Michael Leddy said...

I have a definition: a fork whose user is speaking with his mouth full.