Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pocket notebook sighting

[Click for a larger view.]

Anthony Mann’s film Railroaded! (1947) is an Orange Crate Art two-fer, as it features both a pocket notebook and a telephone exchange name. The notebook belongs to police sergeant Mickey Ferguson (Hugh Beaumont). Dig the perforations! A pocket looseleaf-notebook plays an important role in Mann’s T-Men (1947).

If it’s difficult to make out: the word stamped into the leather of this high-class item, far left, is CARDS.

June 27: In the comments, Adair has identified this notebook as a Robinson Reminder. Here’s a picture of one that sold at Etsy.

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[Yes, there are all kinds of ways to watch movies.]

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Adair said...

I think that this is a "Robinson Reminder" notebook---at least the perforated pad looks like one.

Michael Leddy said...

Adair, thank you for the identification. You make me feel like a generalist. :)

Here’s a picture. “Live notes only!”

Sean said...

The height of 1940s perforation technology!