Friday, June 8, 2012

Ralph Nader turns into Andy Rooney

From an interview with Ralph Nader:

Do you have a computer?

No. No computer. No iPhone. I do admit to an Underwood typewriter. When the lights go off and the electricity is ruptured, I am still working. My colleagues are not.
Enjoy yourself figuring up the mistaken assumptions and faulty bits of reasoning in the above response.

[How did I ever vote for this guy?]

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Anonymous said...

LOL...he's apparently unaware of battery power. (And like other Luddites, he probably has an underling to input his typescripts.)

Elaine said...

Not to mention that, at one time, the Underwood was cutting-edge technology. In fact, they were having trouble deciding whether the 'typewriter' was the tool or the person using it.

As to your question about voting for Nader: 'temporary insanity' would seem to harsh, but maybe when we learn the winning neologism, it will be apt in this case...