Sunday, June 3, 2012

War and Peace, Nookd

A Nook user reading War and Peace in translation has found that the non-word Nookd has replaced every instance of the word kindled. Read all about it: Nookd (Ocracoke Island Journal). Ars Technica has a screenshot.

When any seeker of a fast ninety-nine cents can get hold of a public-domain translation and package it as an e-book, this sort of sloppiness threatens to become the norm. You can find the Louise Shanks Maude and Aylmer Maude translation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel for free, with all the kindleds, at Google Books and Project Gutenberg.

Thanks, Seth.

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Pete said...

Hmm, so that's how that's how they're going to work product placement into literature. Next, every reference to tea will be replaced with "Diet Coke" and horse carriage with "Toyota Camry."

Michael Leddy said...

The likely explanation seems to be that the “publisher” (Superior Formatting Publishing, LOL) took its Kindle e-book and too quickly turned it into a Nook version.

I expect that someday we’ll be able to click on a word in a e-book and be presented with a range of items for sale.