Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Carbon Paper Exam

Margalit Fox in the New York Times:

The passing of carbon paper (and, more worrisome, the passing of people to whom the words “carbon paper” are as familiar as air) captures in miniature the sea change sweeping today’s work force. With the retirement of each member of the carbon-paper cohort — my cohort — a certain body of collective knowledge, which for decades has lent the American work product an essential, indefinable, generational something, is eroded a little more.
Thus a test for the use of employers who wish to perpetuate knowledge of such matters: The Carbon Paper Exam. Answers here.

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[I missed only the Hotel Carlton question. How about you?]

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Adair said...

I got the Hotel Carlton one, but I missed the two cents plain and the Harlem traffic questions.

Geo-B said...

Staples, carbon paper, $ 14.99 for a pack of 100 sheets

Michael Leddy said...

It is a pretty quirky test, and NY-centric to boot.

Thanks, George. That’s a lot of carbon paper.

Sean said...

Not. Even. Close. :(

Anonymous said...

Might one then think of a menu in a Mexican restaurant as a tacos al carbon paper?