Wednesday, June 27, 2012

“Aggregating with attitude”?

Me, in a post this past Monday about a New York Times article about cities selling advertising space on fire trucks, police cars, and so on:

Life imitates David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest: in the novel’s post-millennial world of Subsidized Time, the United States government makes up for lost revenue by offering corporate bidders the naming rights for years. Most of the novel takes place in the Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment.
Another writer, this past Monday, beginning a post about the same Times article:
In Infinite Jest (okay, no, I haven’t actually read the whole thing, okay?), author David Foster Wallace posits a world in which the naming rights to each calendar year are for sale (inevitably, to corporations); the book’s action takes place mostly during The Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment (Y.D.A.U.).
The motto for the other writer’s site: “Aggregating with attitude.”

5:00 p.m.: The other writer has assured me that my post is not a source.

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Jazzbumpa said...

Then there's Hartmann. (six minute clip)

JzBtknotoc 14

Sean said...

And it's not about not getting credit: it's the taking that feels so lousy.

Sorry you got nicked again.

Michael Leddy said...

That’s it, exactly. I don’t care much about links or traffic. But my ideas are my ideas. I’ll quote William H. Chace: “The arguments protecting or even championing plagiarism fall before the palpable evidence of originality, modest and grand, ephemeral and enduring, as it has existed in writing everywhere.”

Jazzbumpa said...

There are arguments championing plagiarism?!?

I don't know who to quote . . .


Michael Leddy said...

If you follow the link to William Chace’s essay, you’ll find them.