Monday, June 4, 2012

"The Education of Dasmine Cathey"

At the University of Memphis, Dasmine Cathey is working on his résumé with “life-skills coordinator” Kristin Rusboldt:

“What's your major?” she asks.

“Sports management.”

“Is that a bachelor of science or arts?” she says.

He doesn’t know, so he walks a few steps away to ask [football counselor] Ms. [Sharyne] Connell.

“Do I have a bachelor of science or arts?” he says.

Ms. Connell comes out of her office and heads toward Ms. Rusboldt. “He has a bachelor of liberal studies in interdisciplinary studies,” she says.

Mr. Cathey sits back down, a staff member by each side. He taps out, “Bachelor of Liberal Studies.”

“Type ‘in Interdisciplinary Studies,’” Ms. Rusboldt says.

“How do you spell that?”
Read it all, including the samples of academic work, and weep:

The Education of Dasmine Cathey (Chronicle of Higher Education)

[I think though that medical not academic issues will doom college football.]

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Elaine said...

That is depressing and heart-breaking. We waste a lot of people, one way and another.