Tuesday, January 17, 2012

“Rain umbrella”

So that’s what those thingamajigs are for. Useful today.

Why umbrella? The New Oxford American Dictionary explains: “ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Italian ombrella, diminutive of ombra ‘shade,’ from Latin umbra.”

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Andy said...

So for rain wouldn't you really want a seccoella, a little dry?

Gunther said...

I doubt that this tag is from Germany, but I wouldn't be suprised – we have "Sonnenschirm" ("sun umbrella") and "Regenschirm" ("rain umbrella"). However, "rain umbrellas" are mostly called just "Schirm".

Michael Leddy said...

Andy, here’s a belated appreciation of your wordplay.

Gunther, yes, it’s also the distinction between parasols and umbrellas. This “rain umbrella,” like so many products sold in Wal-Mart, is from China.