Monday, January 23, 2012

National Handwriting Day

[“. . . Unit on Germs and one on Atoms or the Human Body. I think it was a very good idea to have Penmanship so that we can improve our handwritings. I also think that we should have . . . .”]

It’s National Handwriting Day. Because it’s the birthday of John Hancock.

Above, a sample of my 1967 handwriting, courtesy of my fifth-grade teacher Marcia Schorr. Thanks, Mrs. Schorr. And thank you for everything.

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[Yes, I always had trouble with the cursive capital I.]

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Elaine said...

I learned a more motor-friendly cursive style called The Benbow Method in order to help our son, who has dyspraxia. His struggles with motor planning and coordination gave him trouble in many areas, from learning a jumping jack to handwriting. Not so bad in the early years, but when speed and fluency of movement were expected (say, for a spelling test) it was a serious impediment. I also wrote a tutorial to teach him keyboarding skills (before there were any out there for very young kids.) His writing is still nearly illegible, but he's a rapid typist... As with many issues, just getting to adulthood solves many problems.

Pete said...

By sheer coincidence, today is also the day I will start writing my next longhand. The story has been percolating in my head for over ten years, and now will finally find its way to paper. I just hope I can read my own handwriting afterward.