Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 1971 (?)

John Ashbery on “the dictatorship of the months and years”:

On this Sunday which is also the last day of January let us pause for a moment to take note of where we are. A new year has just begun and now a new month is coming up, charged with its weight of promise and probable disappointments, standing in the wings like an actor who is conscious of nothing but the anticipated cue, totally absorbed, a pillar of waiting. And now there is no help for it but to be cast adrift in the new month. One is plucked from one month to the next; the year is like a fast-moving Ferris wheel; tomorrow all the riders will be under the sign of February and there is no appeal, one will have to get used to living with its qualities and perhaps one will even adjust to them successfully before the next month arrives with a whole string of new implications in its wake.

“The System,” in Three Poems (1972).
[Sounds like a parody of a sermon. In 1971, January 31 fell on a Sunday.]

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Elaine said...

I don't know about yours, but MY Ferris wheel is speeding up....

Michael Leddy said...

I’m afraid of Ferris wheels.