Monday, January 2, 2012

Moleskine stickers

When I tore the wrapper from my 2012 Moleskine datebook, I was surprised to find three pages of tiny stickers with which to decorate the pages. These three stickers caught my eye, and I looked closely to make sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing: tiny-sticker-sized evidence of large-scale cultural change. These stickers, most likely meant to mark the name and telephone number of a beloved, acknowledge that love comes in assorted varieties. Everyone gets a sticker.

[Can anyone use some stickers? I’m kind of old for this stuff. Besides, I have my wife’s name and our number memorized.]

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Ooh - I LOVE this! It is time for even the more mundane things to reflect the diversity of our lives. Plus, there is a bonus with those stickers, if one is so inclined. One sticker could potentially represent the spouse/significant other and another for best friend (this would probably be a chick thing, but who's to say?). The point is that it allows more personalization, which makes using the datebook even more attractive.

I wish my Moleskine planners (pocket and desk) had those in the packet - would be willing to give them a new home :)

Anyway, thanks for the post and Happy New Year!

Elaine Fine said...

I'm glad that you've finally memorized them!

Michael Leddy said...

Millicent, Happy New Year to you too. I suppose my thinking that these hearts are for significant others and not friends might be due to my being a guy.

Elaine, what do you mean? Memorized what?

Elaine said...

Michael Leddy, are you bragging again?
(Other) Elaine

Michael Leddy said...

No excessive pride in my memory: I have my wife’s name stitched above my shirt pockets in case I forget. :)

Anonymous said...

But from another perspective:

Love comes in only one color; sex comes in many.