Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SCOTUS breaking up

News from Benjo:

The Supreme Court of the United States will break up at the end of the term, allowing front man and Chief Justice John Roberts to pursue a solo career, sources say.

"John has felt like the Court has really been holding him back creatively," said Edward Stapleton, a former clerk for Roberts who is close to the Chief Justice. "He does believe there are a lot of strong justices on the Court, don't get me wrong; but he is clearly the most talented. And he's definitely got the star power to make it as a solo justice."

The Supreme Court has been together for 220 years, and has had rotating lineups throughout that time. Indeed, the Court currently includes none of its founding members, but has nonetheless continued to adjudicate under the original Supreme Court name.
Benjo is a very funny guy. Read the (also funny) rest:

Chief Justice Roberts To Break Up Supreme Court, Pursue Solo Career (benjoblog)

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JuliaR said...

I am so literal (it's a brain function thing) that I thought for a moment they really were breaking up. Now I get it!