Monday, July 27, 2009

Beagle Bros disk-care warnings

Founded by Bert Kersey in 1980, Beagles Bros created sophisticated and incredibly useful software for the Apple II. A distinctive sense of humor marked Beagle advertising and packaging — old clip-art, fictional staff (Al Gorithm, Flo Chart), and short BASIC programs that yielded strange, entertaining phenomena when you typed them in. Even the company’s name was surreptitiously funny. Why no period after Bros? No room.

Beagle Bros showed tremendous generosity to and trust in its customers, shipping software with bonus utility programs, stickers, and no copy-protection. I still remember calling Beagle in 1986 with a question about its new program MacroWorks (an AppleWorks add-on). “Would you like to talk to Randy?” asked the person on the other end. So I talked with Randy Brandt, the program’s creator. MacroWorks was my great encouragement, early on, to tinker and tweak, computer-wise.

While thinking about Beagle Bros yesterday, I realized that I probably still had some Beagle disk sleeves among my old Apple //c disks. Here’s a scan of the disk-care warnings from the back of the sleeve. Heed them well.

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