Friday, July 24, 2009

"How to e-mail a professor" in print

My #1 hit, How to e-mail a professor, appears in the new eighth edition of Barbara Fine Clouse's The Student Writer: Editor and Critic, just published by McGraw-Hill.

Ten good questions follow my piece. I especially like this one:

Explain the reference to Maggie Simpson in paragraphs 10 and 15. Why do you think Leddy includes this reference?

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Matthew Schmeer said...

Congrats on the inclusion, Michael, but the price of that book is a bit ridiculous. $108 for a composition reader and rhetoric? Dear God! That is insane. No wonder Congress held hearing on the text book industry.

I'm teaching Honors Composition this fall, and the grand total for all the books I'm using in the class is $68. Here's the list.

JuliaR said...

Fun for you! Okay, why DID you make reference to Maggie Simpson? I think it is because she is a baby in the series and by the time she is old enough to go to college, your rules about emailing will be well established. On the other hand, you might just like her as a character - she's the one with the most unknown potential.

Michael Leddy said...

Julia, my only (conscious) purpose was to show that I have a sense of humor. I like the idea of Maggie writing essays and e-mailing professors. Strong writing would offset her lack of participation in discussion. : )