Monday, July 13, 2009


In today's Hi and Lois, Hi and Lois seem to be preparing to drink themselves under the table (or sous la table — it's a French restaurant), in which case they will find themselves on a pink floor. Note that Lois, sober, cannot tell a cap from a cork.

But what really caught my eye in today's strip is the lettering on the window. It's ETATSE LAER all over again.

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JuliaR said...

And the only reason you smell a cork is to tell if the wine has gone bad. You get bouquet from smelling the wine in the glass. I suppose they could be sitting outside on the patio, which could excuse the lettering. But the waiter is far too dressed up for the place to be a cheap dive!

Michael Leddy said...

All good points! Notice too that it's the kind of cork you'd find in Champagne or sparkling wine. I think Hi must've learned everything he knows about wine from his beer-drinking neighbor Thirsty. : )