Friday, July 3, 2009


QuoteURLText is a handy Firefox extension by Jay Palat that copies online text to the clipboard with page title, URL, and date. The extension's formatting options allow the user to arrange any or all of these elements to taste.

I find QuoteURLText's formatting options helpful in working with online material that I want to quote. I have QuoteURLText configured like so:

Let's say that I wanted to quote Jonathan Rauch's recent observation about blogging and introversion. Here's what QuoteURLText would yield:
There's still some cleaning up to do to get the title right, but using QuoteURLText is much simpler than copying and pasting the quotation, copying and pasting the URL, and copying and pasting the page title in three separate steps. (Or is it six?)

Three — no, six cheers for QuoteURLText. I hope that it will soon be working with Firefox 3.5.

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JuliaR said...

BTW, happy Fourth tomorrow!

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, Julia!