Saturday, February 15, 2020

Stopping at a rest stop with
your swim team while black

I think that this story deserves wide attention. Here is the lawsuit.


4:36 p.m.: The story has made it to The Washington Post.


February 18: From Illinois Public Media’s The 21st, an interview with Jaylan Butler and ACLU attorney Rachel Murphy.

[My post title is meant to recall the expression “driving while black.”]

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Elaine said...

Awful....but do we not need a 'Better Writing' column after that dangling modifier?

Michael Leddy said...

“While taking the photo”: now I see it.

The Subliminal Mr Dunn said...

Michael, reading your terrifying post and the shocking event it describes, I am prompted to ask if have you read Malcolm Gladwell's latest book, Talking to Strangers, in particular the beginning? Also, have you by any chance listened to his podcast entitled Revisionist History, which I find absolutely fascinating?

Michael Leddy said...

No, I haven’t, Barnaby, but I do know a couple of his earlier books, and I remember the Implicit Association Test in Blink. I’ll see if I can find the start of Talking to Strangers in Amazon.