Friday, February 7, 2020

Sherrod Brown on fear and power

Sherrod Brown, Democratic senator from Ohio, writing in The New York Times, says that “For the stay-in-office-at-all-cost representatives and senators, fear is the motivator”:

They stop short of explicitly saying that they are afraid. We all want to think that we always stand up for right and fight against wrong. But history does not look kindly on politicians who cannot fathom a fate worse than losing an upcoming election. They might claim fealty to their cause — those tax cuts — but often it’s a simple attachment to power that keeps them captured.

As Senator Murray said on the Senate floor in 2002, “We can act out of fear” or “we can stick to our principles.” Unfortunately, in this Senate, fear has had its way. In November, the American people will have theirs.
[In 2002 Patty Murray (D-Washington) voted against authorizing the use of military force against Iraq.]

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Anonymous said...

That was Mitch McConnell's secret weapon all along: the cowardice of the of Republican senators. He knew better than anyone what a spineless, self-serving bunch they are and how unlikely they'd be to vote against their own interests, even if the integrity of the nation that they are supposed to protect was at stake.

But the American people are not really showing any outrage. Where are the protests, the marches, the civil disobedience?

Are we so tired and demoralized that we just let this happen?

Alas, what occurred in Iowa does not inspire any hope.

Michael Leddy said...

I wish I knew something to say other than, Yep, you’re right. I always hope, but this week has been especially dispiriting.

Anonymous said...

And now comes the payback phase: anyone who testified will pay a price. Already Colonel Vindman is being dismissed from his White House post. Trump is exacting revenge like the mob boss that he essentially is. Can't Congress do something to protect the careers of these brave witnesses? It's so horrible.

Michael Leddy said...

I just saw this news — it’s disgraceful.