Saturday, February 22, 2020

Back to the USSR canard

Hearing the assertion that Bernie and Jane Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union, I thought, What? And then I remembered writing a post about that canard in 2016. With links to a post by Daughter Number Three and to the best-documented account of the Sanderses’ Soviet trip I could find.

This 2020 post is meant to address the canard, not to imply that I’ve cast my vote. I’ve been leaning toward Warren, but the dismay among MSNBC talking heads over what’s happening in Nevada makes me think I might want to vote for Sanders. James Carville went so far as to suggest that MSNBC has a responsibility to “appraise” [sic ] viewers of why it’s a mistake to vote for Sanders. You’ve got some nerve, mister.


February 24: I still loathe James Carville, but the enthusiasm for Sanders that I voiced in the previous paragraph has waned.

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Daughter Number Three said...

Thanks for the reminder on that... I forgot the details even though I wrote about it myself!

Michael Leddy said...

I heard someone on the news a day or so ago saying that the honeymoon lie was taken from one of Trump*’s recent rallies. But no :)

zzi said...

"In fact, the day after they married, they headed out to Yaroslavl. So, one could call it a honeymoon, and the pair have both done so, but jokingly or sarcastically."

He wasn't that young. He could have shifted he wedding plans so he and his bride could have a decent honeymoon.

Michael Leddy said...

That’s certainly true.

I got married on a Saturday and was back teaching on Monday, so I too am lacking in genuine honeymoon experience.

Michael Leddy said...

All in Boston, no USSR travel!