Friday, February 21, 2020

Go phish

Yesterday morning (local time), over the span of an hour, an anonymous commenter on a distant shore left this comment on ten different sardine-centric OCA posts:

I have always fancied taking sardines, bread and a bottle of milk for breakfast every morning. I guess anyone would say i am addicted to sardines. Reading this article, i had a new perspective. Thanks, Amigo!
I am moved, deeply, to know that a fellow sardinista would take the time to say thanks, again and again and again. I’m sure my commenter won’t mind my posting this comment here, where it will receive the attention it so richly deserves. And I’m sure my commenter will thank me for omitting the sketchy credit-card-application URL that somehow found its way into the comment, again and again and again.

Thanks, Amigo!

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[Someone took the time to create a Blogger account and deal with reCAPTCHA in order to leave these comments. What was that person thinking? “I’m being paid.”]

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Chris said...

I thought of you yesterday. I made a risotto with spinach, onions, capers, hot pepper flakes, and two canned sardines, then finished it off with some gorgonzola. It was actually quite good; the other strong flavors kept the fishiness in check. Now I have to decide whether to restock sardines, since half the reason for making the risotto was to clean them out of the cupboard.

Frex said...

Sardines and milk?
Make me gag.

It surprises me more, though, that there's much mileage in targeting fans of sardines...

Michael Leddy said...

Chris, that sounds like an appetizing dish. I’ve found (with pasta dishes) that heating sardines makes the flavor much mellower. Further fish are waiting on your grocer’s shelf.

Fresca, I think this is why they invented Nestle’s Quik. Gotta be chocolate milk with breakfast sardines. :)

Frex said...

Chocolate milk truly does sound better.
And I know you know there are those chocolate sardines--they have some connection with Lent, or Mardi Gras? I think. Do you know?
(Can't find the connection with a quick online search though.)
--Fresca (at work, not signed in properly...)

Michael Leddy said...

I just searched for and found chocolate sardines but not with a connection to Mardi Gras or Lent. I had no idea.

Elaine said...

I adore sardines
I love (dark) chocolate
I love milk

You people trying to combine these things--even in a paragraph-- MUST stop!!!! Have you no sense of decency?

Michael Leddy said...

The chocolate sardines do look good. But then chocolate in any shape looks good. I prefer dark too. Milk chocolate now tastes like a novelty to me.