Friday, October 25, 2019

Some “some rocks”

For a Nancy fan, this remarkable site might be something like Four Corners. It’s some rocks, some rocks, some rocks, all the way down the parking lot. Google Maps will confirm:

[Click for a larger view.]

“Some rocks” is an abiding preoccupation of these pages.

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Sean said...

Those are some sweet some rocks!

Almost looks like someone lying down, as seen from the top of his or her head.

Fresca said...

Some "some"! An abundance of "some", even!

Slywy said...

When does it become many "some rocks"?

Also, most of the "some rocks" are in a triangular pattern except the far right, where they're in a diagonal. Has someone been messing with "some rocks"?

Daughter Number Three said...

Not very creative, but will keep car drivers (most of the time) from driving over the medians, and show where the medians are, even when there's snow.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, everyone for admiring, wondering about, and explaining these “some rocks.”

Michael Leddy said...

DN3 — also helpful with snowplows.